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Local music industry saved from brink of collapse

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LOCALbusiness owner, Leander Morales, has welcomed the news of the government’s £1.57bn support package to help protect the future of the UK’s arts sector.

The news has come as a relief to the sector, which was facing a huge financial crisis with no clear guidance from the government about when live events and music could make its return; or any information about financial support for the sector.

To raise awareness about the plight, Leander, who is the owner of Westbury-based events company GM3 Music, joined others from the art industry to back the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign, helping to raise awareness about the immediate support that is needed from the government. 

Leander said, “Well done to all the thousands of people who have recently contributed towards trying to secure a package towards the arts. Whilst we were looking at an industry on the brink of collapse last week, this week the arts industry can begin to execute a plan to save jobs and secure an industry that not only contributes billions annually to the UK economy, but also contributes a great deal to the health and well-being of millions of people nationwide.

“I’m unsure of how this will work out for the 1,300 theatres and venues nationwide, the thousands of unemployed, the museums, heritage sites and galleries. It will be a delicate operation for all those involved but definitely a positive step in the right direction!”