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Your town needs you!

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WHITE Horse News is launching a new campaign to encourage the community to ‘Shop Local’ and support local businesses to help them get back on their feet.

Westbury’s shops and businesses – as well as its charities, pubs, restaurants and venues – are facing challenges like never before. 

And as the pandemic continues, now is the time to show your support for them. They need you more than ever if they are to survive. 

Whilst some businesses were able to adapt and continue trading online during the lockdown, others were closed throughout – but all have faced an unprecedented period of turbulence. And during lockdown, the community has learnt the value of using local shops and businesses, with more people relying on them to provide essential items.

Life in Westbury’s town centre began to return to a ‘new normal’ last week, after the easing of lockdown restrictions allowed all non-essential shops and businesses to open their doors again to the public for the first time in almost three months.

Many high street shops were struggling before the pandemic and now, with three months’ lost trade, it is for some, a fight for survival.

With ‘we’re open’ signs going up all over town, as more businesses emerge from lockdown, the message from business owners is simple – ‘We need you!’

Shop owners have stressed the need for support in the town saying,  If we don’t support the town, we will lose it. 

Gary Davies of Davies of Westbury in Maristow Street said, “We hope that people get behind local Westbury shops and businesses. It’s vital that we shop local to help keep the community alive. If you want our local businesses to thrive, and be here in the town, then you do need to support us. We have lots of great businesses in Westbury – so come on out, and come on into Westbury.”

Editor of White Horse News, Ian Drew, said, “It has never been more important to support our local shops and businesses – by showing your support, not only will you be helping to build back up the town’s economy, you will also be helping to secure local jobs within the community for the future.

“Our businesses are the heart of the community and it’s never been more true – ‘use them or lose them’. They need us to help them survive. If you can, please ‘choose Westbury’.

“This can go some way to help life in Westbury return to normal. And it’s also our way of saying thank you to all the businesses that have supported the community during the pandemic and indeed, over the years. These businesses were there for us during this crisis, now it’s our turn to return the favour and show them our support.

“More and more businesses are re-opening – with more hopefully to come when pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and hairdressers can reopen safely – please support them.

“We must all do it safely of course – the pandemic is far from over – but together we can all help Westbury’s economy get back on its feet.”

Mayor Mike Sutton has joined in the call to support local business. “As we return to re-opening of more retail outlets and indeed those who have been trading over the past weeks, I make a plea to all those who can, to support our local shops and businesses,” he told White Horse News.

“The level of support from the local community will be essential for many of those businesses to survive, not forgetting that behind every business is real people with jobs and livelihoods.

“Please support your local shops wherever you can. Use them or lose them!”

As shops and businesses opened their doors last week, shoppers have had to adapt to a new ‘Covidsecure’ way of shopping, with businesses having to make changes to their layout and processes to comply with government guidance on how to keep customers safe.

Some businesses have re-invented themselves and introduced new ideas in order to recover. New online or home delivery services have been launched; weight-loss and training groups have introduced virtual sessions, estate agents have introduced remote viewing; therapists offer advice over the phone; while other businesses have used the lockdown as an opportunity to revamp their business or renovate their premises.

You’ll find many of them featured and advertising inside, telling their stories – shops, salons, tradespeople, garages, therapists, restaurants and takeaways and more. We hope to bring more of them to you in the coming weeks and months.


One Response to Your town needs you!

  1. Gary Walker

    June 27, 2020 at 10:56 am

    Although this is fantastic news for the majority of businesses in Westbury, your comment “…allowed all non-essential shops and businesses to open their doors again…” is sadly not the case. Our shop Only Skin Deep Tattoo & Piercing Studio and other beauty outlets in town fall into the categories of 10 business areas that are still not permitted to open with no date set. Sadly we’re still in limbo awaiting further government advice. Thanks.

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