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Please help local businesses survive says mayor

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As I write this, there is due to be an easing of the lockdown restrictions with most retail outlets allowed to open on June 15th.

It has been a difficult time and I would like to thank the people of Westbury for all that they have done during this period. 

The town was the first to be up and running with support for the vulnerable and the donations of cash and food from the community; the number of volunteers coming forward has been exceptional and demonstrates so many positives about our town. 

The level of support from local businesses has also been wonderful and we intend to highlight all that has been achieved from both public and business in the near future.

As we return to re-opening of more retail outlets and indeed those who have been trading over the past weeks, I make a plea to all those who can, to support our local shops and businesses. 

The level of support from the local community will be essential for many of those businesses to survive, not forgetting that behind every business is real people with jobs and livelihoods.

Please support your local shops wherever you can. Use them or lose them!

Mike Sutton, Mayor

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