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Nature during lockdown

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DURING lockdown, with less pollution and fewer cars and lorries on the road, more people have been out and about, when permitted, to witness more of this spring’s  wildlife.

White Horse News reader Wendy Kerley sent in these photos, taken in Dilton Marsh,  and wrote,  “It may be too late as the council may have already cut this grass but I took these photos of several bee orchids and a pyramidal orchid which have grown up because the grass has remained uncut. 

“If the grass was just cut in the autumn  then left for the year these, among other wild flowers would be able to flourish and be appreciated by many people. 

“There must be many places around that could be selected in small areas to remain wild. Wiltshire Council are impossible to get through to by phone unless one is prepared to hang on for an hour. Also they’re probably having to work their way through hundreds of emails at this difficult time. This is why I thought you r readers may be interested in my photos and story.

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