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Don’t spoil a great day out in Westbury

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Now that the lockdown has been slightly relaxed, and the good weather has allowed us to go out, we decided that it would be a good time to have picnics on the White Horse, writes Sheila Kimmins. It is our nearest beauty spot within driving distance with wonderful views on a clear day.

On our way we went to KFC, the local fish and chip shop, Tesco, Costa Coffee and we also took a portable barbecue.

We all had a wonderful time – we threw the KFC cups and plastic containers into the grass, we threw the fish and chip papers into the long grass, we left the plastic packaging from the strawberries on the footpath, together with the sandwich wrappings and the coffee cups we left just where we sat.  On the way back to the car we threw our cans into more grass or just crushed them.  Oh I forgot –  the portable barbecue burnt the grass.

 We had parked our car by the rubbish bins but just didn’t think to bring our rubbish with us because we left the bag we had brought our picnic in with the rubbish; we just wanted to spoil the site for the next family who wanted time out of the house.

 So thank you to all who had a great day out and then left all your rubbish for someone else to pick up.  


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