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Westbury pulls together in face of national crisis

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Westbury Town Council staff doing what they can during coronavirus

AS the whole country changed in devastating ways last week, affecting every aspect of people’s lives in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus, Westbury’s community was quick to respond, to help local residents, especially those who are most vulnerable, during the crisis.

People knocked on other residents’ doors or left a note, offering to do shopping or other help, and online groups were formed to coordinate volunteers with those who need help at this time. Community groups like Crosspoint and Link are working hard to ensure the elderly and most vulnerable in the community are looked after.

Amidst the panic buying in supermarkets, there were stories of individual acts of kindness to others.

And Westbury Town Council has been quick to act. 

They are distributing food boxes to vulnerable people and have set up a Facebook page helping the community stay connected  with up-to-date information and encouraging volunteering for vulnerable people. 

There has been over 30 people signed up for volunteering so far, and the number continues to increase. 

For details search Open Westbury Covid 19 Support, Help and Volunteering Co-ordination  on Facebook or visit https://t.co/8lKJGhp2uy

And if you know someone who would benefit from one of the food boxes, you can fill in a simple form on the site.

The group’s next step is to work with local charities, community leaders, schools and businesses to come up with effective ways to make sure the town’s many support networks continue to run, such as Crosspoint and Link. 

Ryan Child, events manager at Westbury Town Council said, “Open Westbury has attracted a very strong group of local residents who I believe can be a vital part of informing, empowering and supporting the wider community during this time.

“As we all know, this situation is ever-changing, challenging and complex. It’s encouraging, however, to see such a compassionate community energy already taking root in the town.”

The group is currently helping many residents in the town who are sick, vulnerable or self-isolating. 

Kat Otterbee, who relies on people to help her with food shopping due to various illnesses says, “I’m going through a bit of a breakdown at the moment and I’m not really used to asking for help. I usually have a lady who comes once a week for help, but I don’t want to pressure her because she has a young family and, rightly so, they are her priority right now. 

“However, I was invited to join this new group set up by Westbury Town Council, I introduced myself and was put at ease by the first contact Hayley, who lives just down the hill from me. She has offered to help whenever she can – all I have to do is message her. 

“It’s amazing to see so many kind-hearted strong people who want to help the elderly and most vulnerable members of our wonderful community. I’m proud to live here!”

• If you would like to sign-up to volunteer or want up-to-date information about what Westbury is doing during the outbreak search ‘Open Westbury Covid 19 Support, Help and Volunteering Co-ordination’ on Facebook or email events@westburytowncouncil.co.uk.

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