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Buddy Me on hand to conquer loneliness during isolation

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ONLINE Facebook group, Buddy Me, is helping its members cope with loneliness and anxiety during the outbreak of coronavirus. 

Founder, Bex Jones said, “Buddy Me understands the impact of social isolation and works hard to bring each of its members opportunities to access their community and enrich their lives.

“Since March 2019 we have had an immense impact on individuals within our community, by bringing them together for events and providing a social calendar of activities for them to get involved with.

“In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all face-to-face meetings. The health of the Buddies is of paramount importance to us and although doing so will be a blow, it is the most responsible course of action to take. 

“We are, however, working hard to develop online gatherings by utilising our social media platform to help the Buddies to maintain the fantastic relationships they have made and we hope that this will support the mental wellbeing of our members during these challenging times. 

“Members can expect to enjoy virtual coffee meets, virtual cooking lessons and many more ‘self isolation boredom busting’ activities in the coming days and weeks. We have also launched our own Covid- 19 support group as members are so very keen to help each other get through the outbreak by helping out in practical ways such as collecting shopping and arranging regular phone calls for vulnerable members.

“ As always, the Buddies continue to support each other in the most uplifting and heartwarming of ways.

“During times of adversity, social support is crucial to maintain emotional wellbeing and can be the difference between coping and being truly detrimental. For those already impacted by isolation, being forced into the position that the outbreak has imposed on us could be unthinkably damaging. The smallest act of kindness could make a huge difference.

“I have personally spent hours supporting Buddy Me members who are really concerned about where this situation will leave them, but the fantastic community and our members will support each other, no matter the barriers.”

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