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Matravers’ head praises hard work of GCSE students

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MATRAVERS School’s headteacher, Dr Simon Riding, has said that the school is ‘pleased’ with its performance in the secondary school league tables, and has praised the hard work of students and staff.

The league tables, which were published last week, report that compared to other schools in England, Matravers’ GCSE students achieved a ranking of ‘average progress’.

Headteacher Dr Simon Riding, told White Horse News, “Matravers School is pleased with the publication of the School Performance Tables. Our community worked extremely hard to deliver results that are in-line with local schools and also in-line with national performance.

“These results enabled our students to successfully continue with the next phase of their education, whether that is in our own sixth form or through other training.”

The league tables also report that Matravers’ A-level students achieved ‘below average progress’ compared to other schools in England.

Dr Riding said, “Matravers School is always pleased when we are able to support Sixth Form pupils to progress on to the next steps of their education, training or employment. Our success in facilitating this is above national expectations. We were particularly pleased that our Applied General results (qualifications such as BTEC, for post-16 students who want to continue their education through applied learning) were above national average once again.

“As a school we are working hard to combat the large proportion of pupils who receive unconditional and/or contextual offers from Universities which impacts on outcomes. This is a particular challenge for us and is also a problem in other specific parts of the country. We hope that national policy shifts to supporting our own high expectations of all pupils and that the lower offers given to some pupils is removed from the higher education system.”

For more information about the secondary school league tables and Matravers School’s performance in detail, visit the website: www.compare-school-per formance.service.gov.uk