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Ladies defeat to local rivals

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Westbury Ladies 0 Devizes 40

On a somewhat cloudy and windy day the two local rivals met for a rematch local derby on Westbury Ladies’ home turf.

Devizes kicked off with Westbury’s Hannah Haynes collecting the ball. It took Westbury’s hands and nerves a little time to calm down and fullback Lana Plummer had to put in some try-saving tackles to keep Devizes at bay. However, it couldn’t stop them and after a strong Devizes scrum, they scored and converted, making it 0 7 to the travelling team.

Westbury struggled to secure a ruck and it wasn’t long until Devizes were across the line again to make the score 0 12 as their second try went unconverted.

Westbury began to calm down when they got the ball from a scrum, with Lana Plummer and Amy Bates making some great gain line breaks. However, the ball was then lost in contact and Westbury Ladies were back to defending. But they didn’t give up and Lana Plummer was forced to tackle two Devizes players at once to try and slow their hands. Even this couldn’t stop Devizes and they soon scored a try and converted it to 0 19.

Devizes were soon making a break down the wing from their scrum and scored their fourth try and converted, bringing the score to 0 26.

After half time, Westbury Ladies were able to put Devizes under pressure and there were moments of brilliance including Anna Hemingway, who made a great break from a maul. However, Devizes still meant business and scored their fifth try of the day to bring the score to 0 33.

This didn’t deter Westbury’s determination, they had Devizes pinned in their 22 for 15 minutes before losing the ball in contact and Devizes striding down the pitch for another try, making the final score 0 40 and the whistle was shortly blown after.

Congratulations to Lily Lamb and Lana Plummer who were awarded forwards and back on the match respectively for their all-round strong performances. Also, congratulations to Natasha Kozlowski for her first game for Westbury Ladies. 

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    February 17, 2020 at 11:10 am

    Congratulation to Natasha who has worked hard for the Westbury team!!!! Also congratulation to other players.