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Help unlock the history of prisoner-of-war camps in Westbury

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THE history of prisoner-of-war (POW) camps in Westbury is being investigated by a curious local resident.

Former Wiltshire councillor, David Jenkins, is appealing for information, photos, postcards or stories about the POW camps that were in the Westbury area during World War Two, together with any information about the allied troops that were stationed in the town.

Speaking to White Horse News, David said, “The reason why I am working on this project is because for many years some elderly residents have spoken to me about the POW camps and the Americans that were in Westbury during WW2.

“I didn’t realise full the extent of the camps until recently when I was told by residents that  there was an American camp stationed in the field behind my house and a POW camp on the site where Hawkeridge Park is now.

“I thought it would be a good idea to collect as much details as possible and record it. I know from the response I had from the members of Historic Wiltshire on Facebook that there are details i.e stories, letters, postcards and photos about the POW camps in the community, therefore I am asking for as much information as I can.”

Photos already given to David reveal the extent of what life in Westbury during WW2 was like – revealing the location of the POW camps, and the washrooms used by American soldiers.

If you have any information about the POW camps or the allied troops, contact David on  01373 823605 or by email: davidjenkins53 @hotmail.com