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We’re going on a book hunt… in Dilton Marsh

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Organiser Jenny Jones with her dog Maisie who helps to hide/find the books

FOLLOWING on from the popular painted rocks  hunt over the last few years, Dilton Marsh is now taking part in ‘Look 4 a Book’ to encourage more people to read. 

Jenny Jones, a resident in Dilton Marsh, has brought this new phenomenon to the village. 

It is a scavenger hunt finding and hiding books around the village, encouraging more people to read books. 

She said, “Following on from the game of painting, hiding and finding rocks that kept children and parents busy a few years ago, several areas around the UK started the same process with books.

“I came across this practice around September and thought it would be fabulous for our village. 

“The first step was to post on the Dilton Marsh Facebook page to gauge the level of interest. Parents around the village responded well and positively and so Look 4 A Book – Dilton Marsh was created.

“All books circulating have been donated by people within our village. They are packed in thick, reusable ziplock bags to protect the books, and while it would be better if there was another way other than plastic, I don’t think that there is.

“Game players are encouraged to care for the bags to make sure that they last. There are probably 100 books out there already. Each pack has a logbook so that finders can see how many people have enjoyed the book and where it’s been hidden.

“To join in it’s a good idea to join the page on Facebook, it’s where information is posted regarding where and when books are hidden and found.

“Find a book, read it and enjoy it, repack it and hide it somewhere new and add a photo clue to the Facebook page.

“If you want to add a book of your own, download the book sheets from Facebook files on our page, put your book in a strong ziplock bag, hide it and post a photo clue. It’s that easy. Search for Look 4 A Book – Dilton Marsh and join the fun, you can also email only1mongoose@gmail.com for more information.”