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Waste group still committed to gasification plant plans

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HILLS are still committed to building a gasification plant in Westbury despite no building work commencing last autumn as planned. 

In a story last August, White Horse News contacted Northacre Renewable Energy (NRE), part of the Hills Waste Group, about when works were to begin on building the planned advanced thermal treatment plant (ATT) on Westbury’s industrial estate. 

They said, “We are committed to working closely with local authorities, stakeholders and local communities to ensure that we deliver on the commitments made during the planning process, and to undertake construction as considerately as possible when works formally begin later this year.”

However, work has yet to begin on the site. Also, the company has yet to apply for an environmental permit which is needed if the waste plant is to become operational. 

Speaking to Northacre Renewable Energy again this month, they said, “Bioenergy Infrastructure Group and Hills UK remain fully committed to the Northacre Renewable Energy project, which when operational will provide a sustainable long term solution to the management of non-recyclable waste in Wiltshire.  NRE will provide further information about the next steps for the project later in 2020.”

Members of Westbury Gasification Action Group and Westbury Town Council continue to meet to put together their responses and concerns as objections once the company has applied for their environmental licence.