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Social singles club celebrates second anniversary

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NIGHT4 Singles, a social singles club, is celebrating its anniversary this month.

Two years ago, Westbury resident Jacqui Pringle started Night 4 Singles as a way of single people meeting each other socially. It isn’t a dating group, but a way of members making new friends.

Due to The Railway Inn’s current closure, where the group held their fortnightly meetings, they have moved to Westbury Conservative Club where they continue to meet every other Tuesday.

Jacqui said, “A huge thank you to the White Horse News and Sue and Julian at the Railway Inn Westbury for your support over the last two years!

“In the two years we have enjoyed each other’s company and have a solid core of members/friends.”

A couple of members have said, “Without the meetings I would still be sitting at home alone and miserable”

“It was so easy to get to know people! Everyone was so friendly and not clicky. I felt included from the start.”

 “I now have a social life and friends.”

 “After losing my partner I didn’t think I could have a life again. Joining the group helped me move on and start to enjoy life again”

Jacqui continued, “We also made the decision as a group to move our meetings to the Westbury Conservative Club but still meet every other Tuesday. The next meeting is on Tuesday 21st January. 

“We also try and go out every weekend to local pubs to watch local bands play all sorts of music. 

“Although Night 4 Singles is not a singles dating club we have had successful couples, but still encourage singles over 40 to come and say hello. What have you got to lose?

“If you’re shy or nervous I can arrange for you to be met in the car park or meet up for a coffee beforehand. Email me jacqui pringle@hotmail.com