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Here’s where you can donate hand-made items for Australian animals injured in bush fires

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Garston Veterinary Group is collecting donations of hand-made items – such as pouches, blankets and nests – to support Australia’s injured wildlife.

Since September last year, Australia has been battling against  an unprecedented bushfire season, fuelled by record temperatures and widespread drought. The blazes have killed hundreds of millions of animals, leaving many others injured or orphaned.

A spokesperson for Garston Veterinary Group said, “Following the devastating news that so many native Australian animals have been lost or injured during the bushfire crisis of recent months, many people in the UK are wondering how they can help. 

“The staff at Garston Veterinary Group are proud to announce that we will be acting as a local collection point for dropping off hand-made items that will be sent to assist caring for these animals down under.

“Many orphaned young marsupials rely on nestling into cosy material ‘bags’ to mimic the feel of being in their mother’s pouch, and soon learn to love their life-saving comfortable homes.

“Patterns to make wallaby day bags, kangaroo night time bags and micro-pouch liners for possums and gliders can be found at ‘UK Crafters for Australia, Patterns’ on Facebook.

“Animal sweaters, onesies, knitted blankets, koala mittens, bird nests and bat wraps are also of great use. If you are feeling crafty and want to help please feel free to make any of the items listed and drop them into any of our clinics. Please note, we are not acting as an agent for monetary donations.”

Donations can be dropped off at Westbury’s Garston branch at 7 Market Place