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Green spaces destroyed over lack of parking

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RESIDENTS of Oldfield Park in Westbury say the area is in need of more car parking spaces following the destruction of green areas. 

Due to limited car parking spaces, residents and visitors are using the green spaces to park their cars. However, residents say that there is plenty of room for Selwood Housing, the owners of the area, to create more parking spaces to stop the destruction of the grassed areas.  

A resident also said, “There are a few issues here including when people are using the car park they get blocked sometimes by other people’s parked cars. So if you need to leave for work at 5am,  you can’t. 

“Personally my family owns one car, but some have two. It shouldn’t be a big problem to extend that car park. It’s shameful.”

In response, Selwood Housing said, “Selwood Housing owns around 20% of the properties on the Oldfield Park estate, and is responsible for some of the grass kerbside areas. Other areas of land are the responsibility of Wiltshire Council.  

“We understand that there is a lack of parking, like in many areas, as when the estate was first built most households would have had one car, but now many have two or more. This has led to residents and visitors parking on pavements outside their properties and damaging the grass. There are other areas to park on the estate but they may be a few minutes’ walk away.

“As a housing association, our primary focus is on providing local affordable homes and managing tenancies. While we do not have the resources to continually check and enforce car parking restrictions, we do carry out regular estate inspections.

“We take reasonable action to address any issues within our jurisdiction, for instance if a complaint has been made about one of our customer’s parking. However, we have no control over parking by private owners or tenants who are not our customers, who make up the majority of residents in Oldfield Park.

“Our neighbourhood manager has worked with local schools to encourage parents to park considerately during drop off and collection times. We have also previously installed wooden stakes on kerbside areas to protect grass, and are considering using shrubbery to the same effect.

“We are open to suggestions for anything that might be within our powers to help with parking at Oldfield Park. We would encourage any concerned residents to get in touch directly by calling Selwood Housing on 01225 715 715 or emailing info@selwood housing.com.”

2 Responses to Green spaces destroyed over lack of parking

  1. Oldfield Park Resident

    January 15, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    I completely agree that the lack of parking spaces is a big issue in Oldfield Park. We have two cars and it is common not to be able to park in our street. Today one of our cars was blocked in by a car unknown to us. We leave early for work and often have to wake neighbours to get cars moved before we can leave.
    Selwoods comment that there is extra parking within a few minutes walk may be the case during the day, but this is certainly not the case in the evenings. The parking area by the green (as shown in the photos attached to the original article) is over flowing at night. The road leading to it and the area next to the other green are also full. This leads to several cars being parked on the grass areas or double parked. This same issue continues round towards the One Stop and beyond.
    It is frustrating that we can not park, but it also concerns me that emergency vehicles may not be able to gain access if required.
    My suggestion would be to make some of smaller grass areas into extra parking spaces. This would increase the parking spaces while maintaining the larger green areas where children play.

  2. Barney

    January 15, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    I agree that parking has become an issue.
    As families grow more cars are being used, some residents have over 4 vehicles per household.
    Individual’s that can’t park in a parking space will then block in other cars. But rather than keeping an eye out for a space they leave their vehicle there, causing problems for those that have to go to work early in the morning.
    More spaces could be made free if some the grassed areas were made into parking bays. Not the green.
    As to the damage to grassed verges, curbs and posts the damaged was caused by hgv vehicles used in the building of two Selwood properties at the back of Oldfield park at the time the residents were told this would be rectified, we’re still waiting.
    4 large and mature trees were halved in size due to individuals moaning about sap on there vehicles, surely in this environmental climate we need to keep green areas, but it seems more important to people to keep their numerous cars clean and parked. The green itself should stay un changed more parking made on certain green areas, this can be done by using parking mats that allow the grass to grow, but are load bearing so those areas won’t be trashed by vehicles. The problem is the more parking made available certain individual’s will abuse this by parking more vehicles in the car park, caravans and vans.
    A meeting would be a great start of all residents of Oldfield park.
    A suggestion is to get all residents to have two parking spaces allocated per household.