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Vintage cinema comes to Westbury this month

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THE Laverton will be hosting a vintage cinema  this month on Wednesday 29th January, 3pm following the success of the event at this year’s Westbury Festival.

Chair of The Laverton Institute management working group, Ian Cunningham said, “In the festival this year, we held an event showing a free film with a cream tea, that proved very popular. We have a licence to show films, which is a little curious as it allows us to show films for free, but we are not allowed to advertise what film we are showing directly. 

“The festival purchased  the licence for the building, rather than just the festival, so we have a year in which we can run films. The Laverton Institute management working group are keen to get people to come and see the Laverton, and what it has to offer, so have arranged more film events for the town.

“We will be showing vintage films – that doesn’t mean 1920s’ black and white films with no sound, just not recent blockbusters.

“The films are free, anyone can come and watch the films if they want to, but what we are also doing, because it proved so popular in the festival, is we are serving a cream tea as well before the film, for £5. 

“It’s not the first time the Laverton has shown films, we had success a few years ago. But we are also aware of other groups in the town that show films and don’t wish to compete, so we have tried to chose different times and dates.

“Due to the licence we hold, you can probably make a moderate guess as to what the film will be but we won’t ever be saying exactly what film it will be, we will give sideways clues! 

“But ultimately, it’s a great way to socialise with others, have a cream tea, sit and talk around a table before enjoying a free film shown on our very good projector!”