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Heads held high despite depleted side

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Sun. 1st December. South West North 1 Topsham Ladies 80 Westbury Ladies 5

Westbury Ladies had a long coach trip to visit the Topsham Ladies for the first time the two teams had met.

The team report, “It was a set to be a great opportunity for the Westbury Ladies and their supporters to catch up with ex-player, Kerry Ackerman, who upon relocating to Exeter, joined Topsham. 

“Both teams had struggled with numbers in the lead up to the game. It was decided that both would play with 12 players and play 30-minute halves. Westbury Ladies were very grateful for Topsham’s suggestion, allowing both teams to have subs. 

“The final score was Topsham 80 Westbury Ladies 5. It is fair to say the Westbury Ladies struggled with players out of position and some fresh back from injury and illness. However, this didn’t stop the girls from having fun playing against each other and some moments of brilliance from the Westbury Ladies. 

“Some highlights from the Westbury Ladies game were:

– Some fantastic tackles by Chantelle Rugman who was playing out of position at full back. She seemed to bounce from one tackle to another. 

– Some “interesting” kicking from tee and at each restart as the girls took it in turns to restart the game as they travelled without a kicker. 

– The spirit in which the ladies played, with their heads never dropping, despite hardly getting their hands on the ball.

– Some great lines run by Anna Hemingway, Maddie Bias, Hannah Haynes and Hannah Crossley

– Westbury Ladies’ defence in the second half which held Topsham back for long periods of time

– Katie Vaughan’s try which was a fantastic team effort

– The way Cara led the team from 10, which isn’t her usual position

– Hannah Crossley and Alexis Harris’ chase down, preventing Topsham scoring another try

“Congratulations to all the ladies who played. Many had to play out of position and playing 12-a-side is very hard work. A special mention was made to Amy Bates on her first game for Westbury Ladies since returning from long term injury.

“Our thanks must go to the travelling supporters who never stopped cheering the girls on from the side line.”