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Wiltshire Council announces latest waste and recycling end destinations report

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Have you ever wondered where your waste ends up after you’ve put it out for collection, or taken it to a household recycling centre?

How much is managed in the UK? Wiltshire Council has just published this information, and more, in the 2018/19 End Destination Register. The Resource Association’s End Destination Charter is a voluntary commitment to improve transparency in the recycling supply chain and enhance the public’s confidence in recycling.

Wiltshire Council managed a total of 228,095 tonnes of waste between April 2018 and March 2019

193,372 tonnes was managed in the UK; 99,705 tonnes of this was recycled, composted or sent for re-use; A further 92,549 tonnes was diverted from landfill using waste treatment facilities; 89% of all waste collected for recycling, composting or sent for re-use was managed in the UK in the last financial year

 Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for waste said, “We’re very pleased with the data presented in the End Destination Charter. However, we’re always striving to do better and improve our recycling rates. I would urge all Wiltshire residents to recycle everything they can. It’s easy to forget smaller items, such as toilet rolls, shower gel bottles, etc, but these all add up and make a real difference.”

 Many other waste and recycling related stats are available in the full report, which is available to view online – http://www.wilt shire.gov.uk/what-happens- to-recycling.