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Westbury Leigh Primary School remembers

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WESTBURY Leigh Primary School got creative this month in honour of Remembrance Day.

On behalf of the school, Anna Thurman said, “This month at Westbury Leigh Primary School, our school community has been remembering together those who gave, and who still are willing to give, their lives for our country in securing a better future for everyone. 

“Every class has taken part in art projects around the theme of the poppy and remembrance. As part of exploring these images, the children have learned about why the poppy is such an important of symbol of hope. 

“In WW1 the battlefields were so damaged and muddy that no-one thought anything would ever grow there again, but poppies did.  They blossomed and flourished in their thousands and were a beautiful and moving sight, which gave hope during a time of destruction and desperation.”

Assistant headteacher, Abi Isherwood,  added, “Art and design contributes to the development of the whole child emotionally, spiritually, creatively, intellectually and socially; it generates in them a sense of enjoyment and purpose. 

“We provided a stimulus that they interpreted in their unique way; linking this to our work on Remembrance has instilled a deep knowledge and understanding of our heritage and how it shapes the things we do today such as buying poppies at remembrance to support the British Legion.

“The artwork was displayed during the school’s Remembrance service, when our service children and collective worship team led our assembly and provided a reference point for the children, as they reflected on the significance of this time.”