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Rotary plant 16,000 crocus bulbs for polio awareness

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NEARLY 16,000 crocus bulbs were planted by the Rotary Club of Westbury last week to raise awareness of the international project to eradicate polio throughout the world.

The mass planting took place in front of Prospect Square along Bratton Road, which will bloom in a mass of purple each spring on the prominent site next to The Laverton, home to Westbury Town Council.

And the Rotary club still has plenty of crocus bulbs left, which they are happy to hand out free to local schools to add other splashes of purple around town.

On behalf of Westbury Rotary, Julian Sandoe said, “The Rotary Club of Westbury are involved in Rotary International’s Purple4Polio project, which involves the mass planting of crocus bulbs by Rotary clubs throughout Great Britain and Ireland, as a reminder of the Polio Plus plan to eradicate this crippling disease.

“In planting these ruby giant crocus bulbs, which will bloom in a vibrant purple in early spring each year, the display will both help to raise awareness of the Polio Plus project to eradicate polio throughout the world, and also we hope provide a great display which will be appreciated annually from hereon by the people of Westbury, the residents of Prospect Square and all who see it. 

“The colour purple is significant to the global campaign End Polio Now which this project supports, as it represents the dye painted on the fingers of children who have received the immunisation against this life-threatening viral infection.

“Rotary is one of the world’s largest humanitarian service organisations operating in over 200 countries worldwide, acting locally to globally benefit those in need across the world and the Rotary Club of Westbury have been able to secure these bulbs, which have been paid for by both the Prospect Square management company and the Rotary Club of Westbury.

“We have a bit of finishing off to do at Prospect Square, but we will still be left with a lot of crocuses which need to be planted this month. If any of the local schools would like some to plant on a bank or border or in window boxes or wherever they like, we would be very pleased to let them have some.”

Any schools that would like to plant some of the excess crocus corms can contact Julian on 01373 821150 or 07967 154657.