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Martial arts teacher to help the homeless this Christmas

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LOCAL man, Shaun Takle who runs B-smart Martial Arts, is asking for donations from his members and beyond to help the homeless this Christmas.

His aim is to help a different charity in each of the towns in which he teaches.

He said, “It’s that time of year and once again B- smart will be collecting to help the less fortunate this Christmas. Ideally I would like to help a different charity in each of the towns I teach, a big task I know, but what’s stoping us? All we need to do is fill my trailer with donations!

“If you would like to help me achieve this goal then I will be collecting every lesson from now until Christmas. 

“If you’re not a member of B-smart but would still like to donate, then please contact me and I can arrange to pick the items up.

“Ideas of some things to donate: Any tinned food, biscuits, crisps, cereals, tea/ coffee/ sugar, paracetamol, toothpaste/ toothbrush, nappies, wet wipes, toilet rolls, deodorant sprays, and any wash stuff.

“The reason I’m doing it is because many years ago I was temporarily homeless when I split with my ex-partner. I was lucky that I had good family and friends and I never had to sleep on the streets. However, those few months were tough.

“Then, I became a single dad to my daughter. I had a home but we had nothing and again it was a struggle. I am now in a great position with having so many schools and students that with their help, we can hopefully make someone’s Christmas a little easier.”

Shaun holds classes in Westbury at Leigh Park Community Centre on Sunday evenings, 5.15pm-6.00pm for ‘Cool Cubs’ and 6.00pm-7.00pm for ‘Black Belt Club’.

If you are not a member, but wish to donate, contact Shaun on 07806 556326.