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Support your day centre! Day centre appeals for more members to expand service

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THE White Horse Day Centre is looking for more members to reopen their Tuesday sessions in the hope to combat loneliness amongst elderly people in Westbury. 

The group are now working with local area coordinator for Westbury, Steven Hubbard, and the White Horse Health Centre to spread the word of the services they provide for those aged over 60. 

Sue Ezra, chair of the White Horse Day Centre said, “We are struggling for numbers which has led us to cease our Tuesday service, but we are hoping that we can find more people to reinstate the Tuesday session and make them viable again. 

“I am sure there are lots of elderly people who need the company in Westbury. We can’t go door to door knocking for people, but we are working with the White Horse Health Centre and Steve, the local area coordinator, to pass the message around of what we provide here. 

“The service is available for those over 60, but we try to accommodate for anyone that has a real need for our service. 

“At the moment, the sessions run on a Thursday from 10.30am-3pm at Grassacres Hall in the town park. We offer tea, coffee and biscuits in the morning and afternoon, as well as a three-course meal that costs just £9 each session. We also have gentle exercises in the morning and a range of activities in the afternoon including new age curling and bingo. 

“It gives people a space to meet up and chat and they are very welcome to come to both weekly sessions once our Tuesdays are back up and running. We offer a taxi service to those who cannot walk to us. We collect you in the morning and deliver you back in the afternoon for £4 each way. 

“We also offer up to three coach trips each year and a Christmas lunch before we break up for the holidays at no extra charge, still at the base rate of £9. 

“We are also always looking for volunteers. Whether you just help with the lunch service, or stay all day – your time is valuable. If you do volunteer all day, you will be provided with a cooked lunch.”

Steven Hubbard, local area coordinator for Westbury and Dilton Marsh said, “The White Horse Day Centre needs more users. It’s a brilliant club, fantastic for what it provides, but sadly the numbers are dropping. They have had to reduce the service from Tuesdays and Thursdays to just Thursdays. 

“Within my role I visit GP surgeries and those in social care and I am introduced to people who are lonely. The day centre is a perfect place for them to go to meet new people and overcome social isolation. So I am here to encourage those people to use the centre’s facilities. 

“Sometimes, if people are lonely they still are very reluctant to give new things a go, so I am here to help them, take them along and be the first step for them and remove the anxiety of the first day. 

“If family and neighbours know of anyone that could benefit from this service, they can contact me and I will be able to meet with them and encourage them to go to the group. 

“The goal is to get enough users to make it financially viable to reintroduce the Tuesday sessions. I have already introduced five new members to the club, who are now confident enough to attend the classes without my supervision. I am here to just remove the anxiety and worry. 

“I’m sure there are many people in Westbury sat at home, alone, bored on a Thursday, that would love to come along and I’m here to start the process.”

If you are interested in joining the club, as a member or a volunteer, you can contact the club via Sue Ezra on 07816 991960  Christine Mitchell on 07891 432215 or Jackie Clay on 07811 990040. 

If you want to join as a member but have no transport or are not able bodied, please contact a number above where they can assist in sorting out transport.

If you know someone who could benefit from the service and would like them to be introduced to the centre, contact Steven on 07920 503803. 

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