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Local slimmer gets Christmas wish and New Year resolution all rolled in one!

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It’s been nearly a year since local slimmer, Richard Lamb, decided enough was enough and to lose the weight he put on after leaving teaching.

Over that time he’s lost over 4 stone with the support of his local Slimming World group and is still going strong!

Keen to share his success with others, Richard has trained as a consultant in order to run his own Slimming World group at their national training academy in Derbyshire. New and existing members will be preparing to welcome him as their new consultant when he takes over their group in Westbury on 21st November. 

Richard says, “Prior to joining Slimming World, I really struggled to lose the weight I put on. My weight yo-yoed and I was facing another Christmas and New Year not being happy with who I was. I decided to join my group and get the support I needed.” He lost over half a stone in his first week and hasn’t looked back. “It felt amazing as the weight dropped off. I was fitter and happier and I still managed to enjoy Christmas and New Year fully. It was nothing like any other diets I’d tried.”

One of the most important parts of Slimming World for Richard was the ability to enjoy good food and never feel hungry. He was able to eat all the things he loved before by swapping a few ingredients to healthier alternatives. He explains that he worked as a chef at one point and is keen to demonstrate that he still cooks the meals he loves. “My wife is pleased we still get to eat the same meals we always did. We love East Asian food and I’m cooking everything we loved before. It’s just healthier now and we’ve both lost weight.” 

“The first 10 minutes were the only hard part, really,” he adds. “Walking through those doors was difficult: admitting to myself that I needed the support and dealing with feeling low about it… As soon as I sat down and the team made me a cup of tea, I felt welcome and it becomes a sort of family in the end. We all support each other, it’s incredible how much everyone looks out for each other.” 

Having lost 4 stone so far this year, Richard is understandably proud but he says he couldn’t have done it without his group and consultant. “Some weeks can be tricky,” he says, “and that’s when the group is so important. The support and advice can completely change your outlook and my consultant was always there, even midweek. Now I want to give the same support to other people too, if I can do it, so can they, but I want to be there to help.” 

Last Christmas, Richard decided that 2019 would see him lose weight and embark on a new career outside of teaching. With his weight loss and new venture in Westbury, he’s achieved both. “I’m just glad I did it there and then. It’s so easy to put things off until the new year, next month… I’m glad I decided to get up and do it, it’s completely changed my life.”

Richard’s Slimming World group will be held at Westbury Leigh Primary School every Thursday at 5.30 and 7.30pm from 21st November. For more information or to join Richard’s group, please go along to his groups or sign up in advance on the two prior Thursdays.