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Wellbeing group set up for men in Westbury

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A NEW informal men’s group has been set up by Westbury Town Council providing a space for men to meet and chat. 

Ryan Child, events manager at Westbury Town Council said, “I’m very pleased to say that the men’s group has been fully supported by Westbury Town Council, with funding, free room rental and refreshments.  It will start on Monday 4th November, running every Monday at 7pm at the Laverton.

Ryan joins Westbury Town Council after running a national mental health campaign, The Battling Suicide Tour, and is keen to help the council deliver their focus of more community events that positively impact the people of Westbury. 

Ryan said, “Wiltshire’s higher than national average suicide rate is one motivation for the group, not least because 75% of all suicides are male. It’s also true that 1 in 8 men have a common mental health problem, but are far less likely to seek help than their female counterparts. 

“However, the group is also aimed at anyone who just fancies a chat. 

“No issue is too big or too small. And if any attendee requires professional help, they will be signposted to the relevant care.

 “I have run and attended similar groups across the country and have always been surprised by the diverse mix of people that come along. From firemen to social workers, cleaners to lawyers. Once you get a group around the ‘campfire’ all of that goes out of the window.  

“Probably because all of our problems are often similar, just wrapped up in different ways. From misbehaving kids to disappointing parents, bouts of depression, to losing on penalties.  

“This meetup is all about having an informal space to talk or listen. Whether that’s about feeling a bit down or how terrible Man United are these days.

“There is no pressure and you don’t even have to say a word if you don’t want to. There’s tea, coffee and some snacks, along with a group of blokes who won’t judge and will just lend an ear.

“This is going to be the start of a really exciting time for the town in terms of tackling its problems and highlighting its strengths together as a community,”

 “Adverts will be going up across town. If anyone wants to find out more, then they are welcome to contact me on 01373 822232  Ext: 9915.”