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Westbury Junior School’s European Day of Languages

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Westbury Junior School celebrated European Day of Languages on Thursday 26th September. 

The school reports, “In typical style, both staff and children threw themselves into the spirit of things and spent the whole day speaking new languages, food tasting and enjoying lots of other exciting activities!

“Year 3 studied Romanian and had a native speaker visit the school to teach the children how to count to ten. Year 4 chose Danish as their language and made Danish pastries, which they sold in their cake sale after school.

“Year 5 studied Welsh and learned how to say the numbers, colours and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Welsh.

“Year 6 looked at Mandarin Chinese and completed a maths lesson in Mandarin, learned how to use chopsticks and practised calligraphy skills writing Chinese characters.

“Overall, a great time celebrating our multi-cultural society!”

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