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Volunteers needed for this year’s Poppy Appeal

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VOLUNTEERS are needed for this year’s Poppy Appeal collection as the Westbury branch of the Royal British Legion hope to raise even more money than last year.   

Poppies will be available from shops, pubs, and clubs in the town from late October and collectors will be in Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons  from Saturday 2nd-9th November. 

However, Poppy Appeal organisers Eddie Bridges and Bill Prior are asking for more volunteers to help them with this year’s collection at Lidl throughout the week. 

Speaking to White Horse News Eddie Bridges said, “Sadly, it is just myself and Bill who are doing the Poppy Appeal collections this year, alongside a man who every year takes a week off to help. 

“It will be a difficult task to raise as much money as we did last year as it was the centenary celebrations, but now we have the opportunity to collect at Lidl for the first time it might work; we can hope!

“I think the figure has risen each year over the last six years and I hope it won’t be any different this year. We just need the help of volunteers.” 

This year’s Remembrance Service, organised by Westbury Town Council, will take place on Sunday 10th November. 

If you would like to volunteer to help with this year’s Poppy Appeal, contact Bill Prior on 01373 827655 or Eddie Bridges on 01373 823316.