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New radical Rotary group looking for people who want a challenge

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Westbury has a new club for locals who are ready to take on a fresh challenge.  Formed by a bunch of likeminded individuals who just want to give back to their community, the Westbury White Horse Satellite Rotary Club is looking for people who want to do something to make a difference.

Organisers say, “We’re all busy, and time is precious.  When we look around our local community and want to do something useful, or get involved in a project or activity it can be really difficult.  

When we have made that decision to give up some of our hard-earned spare time, we don’t want to waste a second.  Sometimes we may think that joining a club or group is the way forward, but then we’ve got meetings to attend when all we want to do is get out there with other friendly people and do something useful. That is a dilemma!     

“The club is not a one-track pony, no pun intended.  The inspiration was the White Horse Project, looking at how many people turned out wanting to help, but couldn’t commit too much time.   Going forwards there will be fundraising and social events to be held, but most importantly, community project-based activity. 

 “If you think you can spare an evening a month (more if you are the sociable sort) to meet up, and then give some precious time and effort to some really focussed pursuits that interest you, come and join us at our get together at 7pm on Thursday 17th October, at The Laverton (side room), to find out how you can get involved and influence.  There’ll be cheese and wine and good company.  We want ideas, energy, and innovation.  Call 07503 152088 to let us know you can come.”