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Have your say on questions over gasification plant permit

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WESTBURY Town Council wants to hear from local people for input into their list of questions for the Environment Agency, ahead of the agency granting a permit for Westbury’s Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) Plant to be able to operate.

Members of Westbury’s protest group, the Gasification Action Group, have already contributed to  questions about the running of the gasification facility, which was given planning permission by Wiltshire Council earlier this year. 

The operator of the facility, Northacre Renewables Ltd, will apply to the Environment Agency for the permit, which sets the conditions which the operator must adhere to, when operating the plant.

Deborah Urch, town clerk for Westbury Town Council said, “An initial meeting has now taken place to discuss the areas the council and partners would like the Environment Agency to take into account when considering the permit. 

“This list below is the questions the council and its partners wish to put to the Environment Agency. 

1. To list and explain the types of waste being incinerated (known as feedstock) 

2. What method of delivery is planned for the feedstock (e.g. lorry or skip)

3. Confirm the method of storage and handling arrangements for the feedstock. To also include the method of containment of feedstock

4. Confirm the method for monitoring emissions

5. To request that the operator provides an up to date stack plume forecast. The previous data did not cover all weather conditions

6. Confirm the consultation process and which neighbouring councils and parishes will be consulted

7. Understand the technology that will be used, including the filter system

8. Understand from the operator what research has been undertaken to explore all technology available that may be more beneficial to the environment and public health

9. How will air quality be monitored in the future. We would like reassurance this is calculated on peaks as well as the average 

10. Confirm that public health will be considered, otherwise is this maladministration of the planning process

11. Understand the process for storage and disposal of physical waste (bottom ash)

12. We ask that the historical competence of the operator is considered.

“We would now like to hear from the public with any additional comments. The deadline for your comments is 31.10.19. You can either call 01373 822232 or email info@westburytowncouncil.gov.uk.

“We would also encourage you to make your own representation to the Environment Agency. You can email wessexenquiries@environmental-agency.gov.uk. 

“It is important to note the Environment Agency will not consider issues relating to the following.

1. Alternative locations for the facility

2. The transport to and from the site and any impact of the road network

3. Operating hours

4. Whether the limits set by the EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) adequately protect health

5. Issues covered by national government policy e.g. disposal of plastics

6. The visual impact of the site / facility.”