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Westbury Churches Together-Sink or Swim

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In our country at the moment, we are facing some extraordinary times politically, socially and morally. Lines are being drawn, allegiances are being called upon and a new world order is in the process of being formed. It’s a bit of a sink or swim moment for us.

The Bible tells of Jesus sending his friends out on a boat while he went to pray. When he finishes, he decides he is going to join them. A storm has arisen on the lake and the boat has not reached its destination. By this time, it is nearly 4am! So, Jesus decides to walk out on the water toward them. They see him walking toward him and do what we would all do, scream! He tells them not to be afraid, it’s him. Peter, one of the fiercest friends of Jesus, says, “Lord, if it is you, call me out on the water to you.”

“Come on then!” he says.

Peter gets out of the boat and begins to walk on the water. Then, as he notices the winds and the waves around him, something happens. He begins to sink. Crying out to Jesus, he grabs him by the arm and pulls him out. Before you know it, they’re safe in the boat.

Life is full of these ‘sink or swim’ moments. We have a decision to make, are we going to look at the negative things around us, or are we going to look to Jesus who can help us in these difficult times.

I don’t know what you believe, but I do know that when my life is filled with these sink or swim moments, I need to look to someone more powerful than me. His name is Jesus. As we move through these interesting times, what will you do? Sink or swim?

Ian McManus

Minister, West End Baptist Church