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We need a bypass now say A350 residents

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A RESIDENT on Haynes Road says ‘enough is enough’ as he is fed up with the heavy traffic outside his home, which he says is leaving thick, black deposits and causing structural damage. 

Malcolm Smith, who lives on Haynes Road, is pleading for a Westbury bypass as heavy traffic along the A350 through the town is increasing. 

Speaking to White Horse News Malcolm Smith said, “Each week, my wife and I have to clean all the windowsills as they are covered in a thick black pepper substance that comes from the heavy traffic on Haynes Road. It’s appalling. 

“You can smell the fumes coming from the large lorries and endless cars and the condition of the roads means that they ricochet in and out of the potholes and dipped drains, causing my house and all of my neighbours’ houses to shake. 

“Nothing seems to be getting done about it, yet I have contacted the council numerous times. We need a bypass! Westbury is non existant on the map now, completely forgotten about. The news about a bypass in Melksham, well, that just shows you that Westbury is nothing to this council.

“Wiltshire Council should go and speak to farmers on the outskirts of Westbury, off Warminster Road, because I’m sure they would give up some of their land for a bypass. 

“I have lived in this house now for over 10 years and we have tried to move, but nobody wants to buy it knowing the problems we have with the traffic. My wife and I would love to move somewhere quieter.”

In a letter written to White Horse News another resident said, “A couple of years ago, I moved into a Grade II, ground floor flat in West End, Westbury.  I knew nothing of the A350 or how many large lorries navigated their way through Westbury.

 “The front door opened out straight onto the pavement, which at this point is about a metre wide, so all passing vehicles are within touching distance.  The pavement is not wide enough for a baby buggy to pass safely.

 “Every day, black, thick, oily soot-like dust formed a carpet just inside the front door where it blew through the tongue and groove and settled on the floor.  The window sills were covered every morning with a thick, black, layer of grit and oil.

 “During rush hour lorries and cars idled (although it is now illegal to do so) away outside, belching acrid fumes straight into my flat.  The traffic is constant, twenty four hours a day.”

Picture: The thick black dust found on Malcolm Smith’s windowsills. 

2 Responses to We need a bypass now say A350 residents

  1. West End Resident

    September 11, 2019 at 11:49 am

    I couldn’t agree more its exactly the same on Fore Street, West End and Warminster Road. I moved here 4 years ago and when you view a property in the middle of the day you have no idea about the sheer volumes of lorries passing thru that start from about 3am every day and shake the entire structure. If Mr Smith is interested in starting a petition Im up for it. I swear my Grade II listed is getting damaged by the constant shaking it suffers.


  2. West End Resident

    September 11, 2019 at 11:52 am

    Just to add further, my understanding is that a bypass would be declined permission along the front of the plain and would need to go the other side of Westbury where the Trading estate is then join back to the A350 where it becomes a bypass.