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Westbury bodybuilder tops age class to reach national final

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WESTBURY gym owner, Glynn Bell, topped the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation southern qualifier this month in the over 50s category, earning him a place in the British finals. 

The British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF)  is a natural federation that has various regional qualifiers across the country that leads to a British final and has a very stringent drug testing policy. 

Glynn Bell participated in the southern qualifier in Leatherhead on Sunday 4th August, coming out on top in the over 50s’ category which enters him into the British final in Scotland on Saturday 28th September. 

Speaking to White Horse News Glynn said, “Training for this competition can take as long as a year including a really hard diet in order to look the best you can on the day. 

“It’s a natural federation so no illegal substances. You also need to be seven years clean of substances as your body runs on a seven year cycle to flush out any drugs you have previously used. 

“I try to choose competitions where the finals are close to the qualifiers, as it means I can hold my body condition into the finals. 

“I am very lucky that I run Dynamik Bodyz gym in Westbury as it means whenever I have spare time I can train if the gym isn’t busy. 

“This is my third year training for these competitions. I waited until I was 50 years old, it was an item on my bucket list, something I have always wanted to do. 

“I spent 22 years in the military, so never had the time to dedicate any time to it. I do wish I had started it earlier, but my age category is getting bigger and bigger with more of the older generation starting to take bodybuilding up as they get back into fitness. 

“Most people who I speak to in my age class all say that they have always wanted to do it and it is something that is on their bucket lists too. It becomes a goal at our age and we try to achieve whilst we can. 

“Over competitions in those three years I have always managed to come away with fourth places in my age group, so to be first in this competition was a very elated moment. 

“Also the fact that now I have been invited to compete in the British finals against the best of the best makes all the effort worthwhile, it shows that someone is saying ‘Yes, you are good enough!’. It is a really nice, and humbling, feeling. 

“I had another competition over the weekend and have another this coming weekend with different federations, so it’s all about working hard to keep in form. 

“What is really important for me too is teaching the younger generation that you can achieve these kind of results the natural way. We can educate people as young as 13 here now so we provide all the information about training and diets the natural way, before they set themselves on a path using steroids for example. The great thing is that they ask about the natural route too.”

For more information about the BNBF visit: https://www.bnbf.co.uk.

Above: Glynn Bell with his daughter Annie Bell and his winner’s trophy.