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Town council’s community pledge for Penleigh Park

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WESTBURY Town Council has pledged to provide volunteers to help the community group POPCAN at Penleigh Park. 

POPCAN, the residents of Penleigh and Oldfield Park, have started a pledge tree which encourages people to pledge a gift of positive action to their local community. 

It was first revealed at their local community POP-up fun day on Sunday 30th June where a physical ‘pledge tree’ was made by members of Westbury Shed. They encouraged people to write their talents, skills and goodwill on a leaf and sticking it to the tree. 

Once pledges are made, members of POPCAN will work with Wiltshire Council and Sovereign Housing to make them happen. 

Westbury Town Council has recently made a pledge to provide volunteers from the council’s new volunteering scheme, to bring the swing-set back to life for the children in the area.  

Idverde has also agreed to supply the correct lead-free paint free of charge, as well as supplying a play areas inspector to lend a hand. 

This will take place on Monday 10th September and they are inviting volunteers to come along on the day to lend a hand. 

Tina Devereux of POPCAN, who first created the idea of a community pledge  tree said, “This is great news that Westbury Town Council is pledging their time to our community and we encourage anyone who can help, to come and join in. We are slowly but surely getting the park area to a really nice state and more and more people are using the facility.”