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Schoolgirl’s haircut raises over £800

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EIGHT-year-old Kara Saving has raised over £800 for The Little Princess Trust by having her hair cut following 11-months of growing. 

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young people, up to the age of 24, that have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. They rely solely on community fundraisers like Kara to raise funds to make them. 

Kara’s mum, Rachel Simmonds told White Horse News, “We aren’t entirely sure where Kara got the idea from. She went to school last September and within a few days she asked us if she could grow her hair out. We asked her why, and she told us all about The Little Princess Trust and how they need hair for wigs. 

“A few of the girls in her class at school have also done it, so she probably had been talking to them about it. Ever since then, it has been something she has been desperate to do.

“She had been growing her hair for 11 months before she had it cut and has raised just over £800. When Darren, her dad, created the JustGiving page, it automatically came up with a target donation of £600. I thought, we have to change that because if Kara doesn’t reach that target she will be devastated. So we changed it to £300 and she is absolutely over the moon that she has raised as much as she has. 

“Darren and I are very proud of her. It’s quite emotional that she has done this all of her own accord, nobody told her to do it. 

“The lovely comments we have been receiving about her as well is very humbling. She likes to tell everyone about it, even around the supermarket to the shop assistants! It’s nice to get comments from strangers about the nice thing Kara has done. 

“She absolutely loves her new haircut. She says it is much easier to brush now and doesn’t get knotty!

“A big thank you must go to Donna Lancaster who cut Kara’s hair. She was also the person who began the fundraising. When Kara had a haircut, before she started growing it, we paid Donna and she gave it right back to Kara as her first donation.”

Kara’s donation page will remain open for a few weeks, if you would like to donate visit www.just       giving.com/fundraising/  kara-saving.