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Do you know where your kids are? asks Wiltshire Police

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With the schools now broken up for the summer, Wiltshire Police is asking parents and carers, ‘Do you know where your kids are?’

They say, “Our demand relating to anti-social behaviour increases significantly over the summer months, with the age range of those involved being between 10 and 18 years-old.

“We completely understand that young people want to enjoy their summer, and we fully support them doing so. However, over the last week we have already seen our demand move towards reports of theft, assaults, foul language, littering, smoking and drinking alcohol, and large groups intimidating local communities – all those involved have been young people.

“We are calling on all parents and carers to be aware of where their kids are and who they are hanging around with:

– Has your child been part of a group of teenagers travelling from Bradford-On-Avon and Trowbridge, and with Warminster/Westbury children intimidating the local community?

– Has your child been hanging around Lakeside Pleasure Ground in Warminster? We recently found cannabis paraphernalia and empty bottles of alcohol

– Has your child been hanging around retail premises? We have received reports of theft and anti-social behaviour at a number of locations.

“We would encourage anyone who witnesses any anti-social behaviour to stop and talk to those involved. Some groups might not realise the impact they are having on the community. We need everyone’s help in tackling this type of behaviour.

“You can report any concerns to us via 101 at the time of the incident, or 999 in an emergency. If possible, please provide names of those involved and what they are wearing. It is vital we all work together to look after our communities.”