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Dilton Marsh Flower & Handicraft Show 2019

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The tenth Dilton Marsh Flower and Handicraft Show, held on August 10th, was the most successful of all previous events. 

Liz Lee reports, “There were more entries and more visitors, which made the day a wonderful experience for all. Winners of the various classes were;  Jill Addison, Heather Burton, Penny Birstingl, Chris Good, Maureen Flynn, Angie Gibbs, Clive Short, Brian Fitzsimons, Pat Nowell, Mary Board, Menna Miles, Bob Lee, Fairfield Farm College, Valerie Harding, Rose Fitzsimons, Pam Good, Steve Bartlett, Benita Browne, Carly Wiper, Sara Honor, Linda Young, Rawson Johnson, Evelyn Naull, Jennifer Johnson, Martin Honor, Christopher Jefferies, Patrick Stevenson, Helen Slay, Debbie Pearce, Laurie Bates, Merina Miles, Bo Jack Board, Olive Burnop, Orla Pearce, William Gibbs, Rex Johnson, Pat Flynn, Jane Brake, Sara Honor, Peter Denton, Alison Irving, Sonja Harris and Angie Gibbs. 

“The John Irving Cup awarded for the most points gained in the fruit and vegetable classes was won by Clive Short. The Mead Nursery Cup awarded for the most points gained in the floral and floral art classes was won by Pam Good.  The Joan Bracken Cup awarded for the most points gained in the cookery classes was won by Liz Lee.  The Iris Hares Cup awarded for the most points gained in the handicrafts class was won by Helen Slay.  The Dilton Photography Cup for the most points in the photography classes was won by Jennifer Johnson. The WI Challenge Plate awarded to the winners of the group display was won by the Holy Trinity Flower Ladies. The Dilton Amateur Gardening Cup awarded for the winner of the most points overall was won by  Pam Good.  The winner of the children’s art section was Orla Pearce.”