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Car racers in church

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All Saints Church, Westbury, recently held a successful Scalextric afternoon in the church. 

Organisers Ashley and Sharon Jones said, “Seven circuits were built around  the church including a 30 ft drag race down one of the aisles. All types of Scalextric were catered for standard, digital and micro. Everyone who attended really appeared to be enjoying themselves. 

“Some families brought their own cars to try out on the larger circuits and lots of the organisers’ cars were available for people to race. Children were encouraged to have a turn at racing as well as the adults. Rev Caroline Husband was  challenged to try out her racing skills by one small visitor. 

“We are thrilled with how successful the afternoon has been and we hope to repeat the event later in the year. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped out, as we couldn’t have managed without them.”