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Residents learn how to save a life

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OVER 20 people took the opportunity to learn how to save a life with Westbury-based EFA training at the Laverton last week. 

In conjunction with Westbury Town Council, EFA Training offered a free CPR and defibrillator training workshop teaching people how to respond if someone has a heart attack. 

Nigel and Mat Inseal, of EFA Training, talked through how to conduct correct CPR compressions for adults, children and babies, as well as how to administer a defibrillator if needed. 

White Horse News reporter, Lauren Balchin, attended the workshop.

She said, “It was a really informative session and now not only do I know what to do when a situation arises, but I feel more confident in stepping in to help someone if they are experiencing a heart attack. 

“It really is a simple task that people shouldn’t shy away from. The defibrillator talks you through the process step-by-step. If you’re worried about doing something wrong, don’t be, – you could save a life.” 

Nigel Inseal said, “The session went well! The knowledge we imparted on those who joined us was simple and easy to follow and understand, to make it more likely for them to feel confident using it in a time of need. 

“I think they were all pleasantly surprised that it was so easy. But, if one of these people goes out and saves a life because of this workshop, we will be happy.”

EFA Training specialise in first aid training for the workplace, outdoor activities and accidents at home.  To find out more visit their website: https://efa-train ing.co.uk.

Defibrillator locations

Defibrillator locations across the town are:

 • Leigh Park Community Centre – Cabinet location 1391

• Westbury Library, Edward Street – Cabinet location 1392

• One Stop Shop Community Stores, Queens Road – Cabinet location 1393

• Tesco Express, Fore Street – Cabinet location 1394

• The Laverton, Bratton Road – Cabinet location 1395.”

Right: White Horse News reporter, Lauren Balchin.