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Primary schoolchildren learn about evacuees on steam train experience

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Westbury Leigh Primary School’s year 3s visited Swindon Steam Museum on Wednesday 19th June  

The school reports, “The pupils, dressing up as evacuee children from WW2, went to experience how evacuees felt when leaving home on the steam trains. 

“The children got to partake in a workshop where they packed suitcases for different children and got to explore different artefacts. They then sat inside the steam train and learnt all about how to put on a gas mask and why these were important, they got to see the children’s and babies’ gas masks too.

 “The children explored the museum where they found out how steam trains were built and got to look inside lots of different steam trains throughout the ages. 

“Hollie from Sarum said, “I really enjoyed watching the films about women helping to build the trains because we have learnt in school that women took over the men’s jobs when they went off to war to fight.”

“We’re now learning how to write recounts and diary entries and the trip is helping us to imagine writing a diary entry from an evacuee in WW2.”

 Miss Cole said, “It was a fantastic day! The children were submerged into understanding how evacuees would have felt leaving home. The trip has consolidated their learning so far and allowed them to ask new questions that we will explore in class in the last few weeks of term.”