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New councillor wants to paint Westbury in the best light

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A NEW councillor, Michael Amos, has been elected unopposed for Westbury Town Council, with the hopes of using his seat to engage more with people in the town. 

Michael, who moved to the UK from Australia in 2002, is hoping to use his experiences of social media and the internet to show off the great things about Westbury. 

Speaking to White Horse News Michael said, “I have been considering running for local council for a long while. I was part of youth politics back when I lived in Australia. Now that national and global politics have come to the forefront, I thought it was a good time to give it a go. 

“Sometimes local governments just need someone to sit and listen, which is what I aim to do at first, to learn what it is people want and then I can become their  voice and advocate for them.”

Michael first came to the UK back in 2002, initially on a holiday, but two weeks later he met his now wife who lived in Frome. After this, it became his home for good. The couple have a five year-old son.

Michael continued, “As a local resident, I obviously have my own concerns, including the Hills Waste development, but I also want to work with the town council to support them with social media, engaging people with the town and painting it in the best possible light. 

“There are some areas that need attention, but there are also brilliant parts that not many people know about or use. For example The Laverton, and not many people know that the swimming pool is the oldest working one in the country – there are so many fantastic little gems. I want to use my own working experience to help the town. 

“I currently run an ethical clearance company which removes IT equipment and furniture from businesses and give them to schools and charities. It’s called Waste to Wonder. 

“We have catered for over 760 schools in 19 countries to increase children’s education. We work from an old WW2 hanger in Colerne and give our equipment out free of charge. 

“We have furnished almost 80% of Fairfield Farm College in Dilton Marsh. We have recently replaced their round tables that were once in the cafe. These tables have now been moved on to Hope Nature Centre in Southwick. We have also provided for the Princes Trust in Trowbridge and the youth engagement project at the old town hall.”

Michael was elected unopposed, meaning there was no need for an election this week. 

Michael said, “I was gobsmacked when I got the call to say I had been elected unopposed. I joined the Labour Party a few years ago, and once I knew I was standing, I had this very useful baptism of fire, I was ready to engage in conversation with people to find out what they wanted from their town, a purpose to fight. Now, I will have to redirect this passion into helping to make changes for people as a councillor. 

“I have an interest in a few of the committees including The Laverton Trust, social media engagement and also to help look through the devolution of powers from Wiltshire Council. I am all for the town gaining their own power in aspects of the town, but sad to see that funding doesn’t follow the devolution of services. Hopefully, working on this committee I can help look into this.” 


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