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Councillor ‘buzzing’ over wildflower idea

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TOWN councillor, Janet Parker, is proposing that Westbury follows in the footsteps of Rotherham town council and introduce wildflowers along the verges around the town to protect wildlife species. 

Following a viral post from The British Beekeepers Association showing the 8-miles of wildflowers that Rotherham have planted on its verges, people have showed their support, wanting their towns and cities to follow suit. 

The British Beekeepers Association posted that not only has this initiative helped pollinators, but has saved the council £25,000 in mowing costs. 

Westbury town councillor, Janet Parker, saw the post and has started her own campaign to get wildflowers planted in Westbury. 

She said, “I am currently discussing this with fellow councillors as a proposal.   It definitely has my support! I have just started beekeeping and I am a member of the West Wilts Beekeeping Association. We desperately need more wildflowers and forage for our insects – not just bees, but butterflies and many others.

“Not only would it improve the appearance of Westbury (in my opinion) but it is so beneficial for the environment generally, supporting birds, bats and many other species.  Plus if there is a cost saving, that can only be a bonus!”

A spokesperson for the British Beekeepers Association said, “The flower verges chosen in Rotherham are designed to give bees and other pollinators access to food from spring through to autumn. They cover what we call the June gap between spring trees and flowers and the summer plants flowering. As we increasingly see changes to the weather patterns, having a ready source of pollen and nectar on a dry day when the bees can leave their hives, is vital to prevent starvation and colony collapse.”