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Residents call for dangerous yellow lines to be moved

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Dorian Jones

RESIDENTS of The Tynings are calling for Wiltshire Council to reconsider the placement of yellow lines, saying they create ‘a fatal accident black spot’.

Dorian Jones, a resident of The Tynings, and neighbour Steve Lloyd, have expressed their concerns that the newly-introduced yellow lines at the entrance and corners of the estate will not solve the parking issues, only exacerbate them. 

Wiltshire Council first issued the traffic regulation order (TRO) consultation in August 2018 with the implementation agreed in December 2018. The lines were then added on the week commencing Monday 13th May. 

Dorian Jones said, “The yellow lines simply arrived overnight right outside my house. It has made the problem in the area worse at the entrance and exit into Green Lane – they are just exacerbating the issue.

“We are happy that the council has noticed the parking problem and are trying to sort it, but the lines are in the wrong place. If they worked directly with the residents, people who use the area every day and deal with the problems, then we could have come up with something successful.

“It has created a dangerous area. People are parking on the areas that are not yellow lined, taking up one side of the road on the entrance, which means the oncoming car exiting the estate is on the wrong side of the road. 

“People speed on Green Lane, fly round the corner and are often met with an exiting car. Only a fatality will get the council to change and that risk is imminent, unless something is done.”

Steve Lloyd agreed, “I live on the corner of the entrance to The Tynings and I’m forever hearing cars speeding up Green Lane and screeching to a halt when they are met with  an oncoming car that is on the wrong side of the road due to parked cars. The lines are in the wrong place!”

Dorian continued, “The fact of the matter is speed does kill, and I have lived in the Tynings for over 45 years and as the area has grown with many, more houses being built, the traffic and subsequent parking is causing issues for many.

“We only saw the proposals for the lines posted briefly on a lamppost before it probably got ripped down – who reads notices on lampposts these days? As the lines are directly outside of my property, we should have been directly consulted, but we weren’t, and now we have to live with the constant consequences of Wiltshire Council’s actions.”