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Friends’ golf challenge for Macmillan

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A GROUP of four friends are taking on the challenge to play 72 holes of golf in one day to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Jason Henley, who plays football for Westbury Utd, and his friends Conor Stevens, Richard Reed and Harry Western, who all work for Active Trowbridge, are taking on the challenge at Cumberwell Golf Course in Bradford on Avon on Thursday 25th July.

They are all keen golfers, and are hoping to achieve a target of £1,500 to help those who are diagnosed with cancer and their families. 

Jason told White Horse News, “All of us have been affected by cancer in the family, or know someone who has been in some way or another, and feel this would be a great way to raise money and participate in a sport that we are all quite keen on playing anyway. Although none of us have handicaps, we are quite keen to give this a go! 

“We are all very excited about the idea of playing so much golf, even if a little daunted as to how tired we are going to be during and afterwards. We have worked out that it would be around 15-20 miles of golf, depending on how straight we hit the ball!”

To support the team and donate to Macmillan Cancer Support visit https://longestdaygolf. macmillan.org.uk/Team/2roses1leek1hybrid.