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Decision to be made on gasification plant trench

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Northacre Renewable Energy’s proposal to dig a trench from Westbury to Frome is likely to be debated by Wiltshire Council’s strategic planning committee on Wednesday 19th June at 10.30am. 

Westbury Gasification Action Group say that plans show this would cut through areas of archaeological and ecological interest, as well as involving removal of hedges on agricultural land.  They view this as a further damaging aspect of the company’s Westbury incinerator scheme.  

Campaigner Margaret Cavanna said, “It’s unfortunate that the planning officer at Wiltshire Council says he is unable to confirm the discussion will be included on that date until the agenda comes out the previous week.  It’s also possible the meeting will be held at City Hall in Salisbury, but we still need people who oppose this latest part of NRE’s unsustainable plans to come along on the day.  

“The cable housed in the trench would carry energy from a plant that is now even more inappropriate, given that climate change has been catapulted to the top of the agenda.  We have always argued it should be stopped on grounds of the thousands of tonnes of CO2 it would produce annually, let alone other worrying implications.  Wiltshire Council has now passed a climate emergency motion and claims for this development just don’t add up environmentally.  

“People can still send objections to the planners by emailing developmentmanagement@wiltshire.gov.uk quoting ref. 19/02481/FUL.  Although it’s past the closing date, all comments received before the committee have to be considered.”

The group’s fundraising also continues, but they would welcome much wider support.  

Margaret continued, “A small core group has been working hard on this for a year and a half and have developed strong arguments to counter the plans.  But without further funding for expert help, it will be hard to advance them in a way that will influence the planning inspector at the public inquiry, due to take place in September.  

“More events are planned but in the meantime, all contributions to the group account are greatly appreciated (sort code 309626  acct 44858468).  We can be contacted on westburygag@gmail.com and on our facebook page.”  


One Response to Decision to be made on gasification plant trench

  1. David

    June 6, 2019 at 9:30 am

    Ok, people don’t want the gassification plant, and often call it an incerarator but they are two different things.
    So they don’t want the trench,and how do they propose the waste that they contribute to gets disposed of ? There has been nothing about that, or is the answer take it elsewhere ? Move the problem for someone else to sort ?
    How about put it in a hole in the ground ? There is a big one up the white horse, but that then makes more problems.
    How about coming up with a viable alternative that is better and suitable not just whining about one someone else has proposed.
    You and everyone else has an option, move !