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Westbury Station Competition

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TransWilts have recently been awarded a grant to refurbish a vacant room at Westbury Station into a community rail meeting room.

In conjunction with the grant, TransWilts are offering a unique opportunity for local newly qualified and aspiring interior designers to show them their skills and ideas. The competition is for providing an interesting and deliverable design concept. The winning designer will receive a £500 commission for the adopted design and be featured as part of the completed project.

Full details can be obtained via the TransWilts website www.transwilts .org

“TransWilts is a Community Interest Company incorporating the Trans-Wilts Community Rail Partnership,” says the Partnership. “The service operates between Swindon and Westbury. Our mission is to carry on activities which encourage and promote increasing usage of rail transport for the benefit of the communities living and working in Wiltshire and to represent the interests of our local community transport users.

“The Community Rail Partnership has been supporting TransWilts since December 2013 and the service was permanently incorporated into the GWR franchise timetable from December 2016.

“Since 2014 the service has grown from 6 to 9 trains per day and from January 2018 the service capacity was doubled with the introduction of 2-car trains. TransWilts has been the fastest growing service in the GWR region, Melksham station passenger numbers have grown from 10,000 to 75,000 pa since the service started. Westbury is an important hub for rail transport in Wiltshire with important connections to London, Taunton, Weymouth, Salisbury and Portsmouth

“Future service plans are to increase the frequency of service and to extend the TransWilts service to Southampton Airport. The grant for Westbury is provided by a successful TransWilts application to GWR Customer and Communities Improvement Fund.”