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Local’s fastest marathon since life-saving surgery

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HILLY helmet run organiser, Robin-Mark Schols completed his fastest ever London Marathon last month, since life saving surgery, raising over £500 for Brain Tumour Support. 

The cause is one close to Robin’s heart after undergoing surgery to remove a frontal lobe meningioma, a type of brain tumour, the size of a satsuma in 2009. 

He then underwent further surgery in 2015 following a brain infection. However, this year he ran his fastest time since that surgery, running in ‘perfect conditions’.

Robin-Mark said, “There were a good few runners from Westbury doing the race this year and in total there were over 42,500 finishers. 

“I’m from Dilton Marsh and this was my tenth marathon and fifth run in London. This year I finished in three hours nine minutes and 41 seconds, just outside the top 3,000, for my best time since my brain infection in 2015.

“It was perfect conditions and despite losing a month of my training to injury, my race went really well, coming in under my three hour 10 minute target. I also raised over £500 for Brain Tumour Support.”