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Birdsong Walk at The Mead Lakes, Westbury

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Wiltshire Council’s countryside team is inviting local people to a Birdsong Walk at the lakes area of The Mead in Westbury from 8am on Friday 31st May.

The free event will give people the opportunity to hear the early morning songs of the diverse species of bird which inhabit the area. The group will be accompanied by a birdsong expert who will be able to identify the various species. So why not come down and enjoy and early morning walk (followed by a  cup of tea!) and find out about the birds living near you?

Westbury community engagement manager, Graeme Morrison said, “This free event is a great opportunity for anyone interested in ornithology to benefit from the knowledge of our bird experts.

“I have recently asked for volunteers to come forward who wish to be involved in a working group to help manage this area of The Mead. The response has been encouraging, but I hope that events like this will help to raise the profile of the area, so more in the community are aware of it and hopefully it will encourage more people to volunteer an hour or two of their time.”

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