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Westbury to welcome twin town visitors

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WESTBURY & District  FrenchTwinning Association will welcome friends from its twin town in Château du Loir, with the help of host families.

The group will arrive on 27th April and stay until 1st May, this time inviting children over. With the help of the White Horse News, families from the twin town will be accepted into families’ homes for the visit after a plea for hosts was made in a previous issue.

Jean Dew of Westbury’s Twinning Association said, “During the weekend the guests will receive a welcome from the town council, be taken on a visit out for a day, attend a celebratory meal and have time to spend with their hosts.

“There is also a lot of information about Westbury Twinning on the town council website, if you are interested go to www.westbury towncouncil.gov.uk then click on “Local Information” and scroll down the pop-up menu to Town Twinning.  There you will find our latest newsletter followed by explanations on what a Twin Town is, where our town is situated and what we do during the year. Otherwise you can phone me on 01373 864935 for a chat.”