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Fundraiser to support terminally ill man’s treatment

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THE family and friends of a terminally ill Westbury man, Jim Penny, are raising money for special targeted therapy to prolong his life.

Jim has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, which has spread to his left pelvis, back of his liver, spine, chest cavity and lymphnodes.

In the next few weeks he will begin an intensive round of chemotherapy.

A few months ago Jim had three biopsies taken to be sent to a private clinic that can provide targeted therapy  by testing the DNA of the cancer. However, two of the samples perished and Jim can no longer afford to have another one done, so this time he has had to resort to having chemotherapy.

Jim’s friend, Alison Little said, “He has spent the last three months in total agony and is on numerous medications. He will never be able to work again, which is a big blow for a man who has served his queen and country in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal  Regiment, Berkshire and Wiltshire and he would have happily served again if he could.

“Jim relies on a lot of people to help him for which he will be forever grateful, the people that love him will do anything he needs, but Jim is a proud man and wants to live a better quality of life as independently as he can without always relying on others.

“Jim is one of the wittiest, caring and proudest men we know,  who wouldn’t ask for anything unless he had to.  This fundraiser is to help fund his treatment and spend precious time with Mary, his boys and his family and not forgetting his beloved bulldogs (his  babies) and making as many memories as he can.

“If you can help in any way, no matter how small, he would appreciate it. All funds raised will go directly to Jim.

“As much as Jim appreciates everyone’s well wishes, his medication makes it hard to speak to everyone individually and also he is still himself trying to get his head round all of this.” 

Jim said, “Thank you to everyone I am really overwhelmed.”

To support Jim, you can donate at: www.gofundme.com/jims-medical-fundraising-page  To keep up to date with fundraising events, search ‘Fund Raising and Events page for Jim Penny’ on Facebook. The team is hoping to arrange a  ‘ska night’ locally in Westbury and also an auction night, for which they already have lots of donated prizes.

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