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Area board to help improve wellbeing

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Westbury Area Board has funding available for groups that run projects which improve the health and wellbeing of the local community. 

Westbury community engagement manager, Graeme Morrison, is inviting community members to give their views on Health and Wellbeing work in Westbury.

This includes any aspect of health and wellbeing, but particularly focuses on the Westbury Community Area’s priorities identified at the Our Community Matters Conference last year; social isolation and loneliness, dementia, support for carers, mental health, physical activities and lifestyle, healthy lifestyle.

Graeme  said, “Over the coming weeks I will be engaging with many of the community groups and third sector organisations involved with Health and Wellbeing in the community, but I also want to get members of the public involved and hear their views. 

“If you would like to be involved in this, then please get in touch, either by emailing graeme.Morrison@wiltshire.gov.uk or give me a call on 07986 365943.”