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Westbury Walkers’ wet and muddy February walk

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Sixteen members of the Westbury Walkers set out on February 10th for a ten-mile walk, led by Judy Hosegood, in apparently persistent rain from the village of Mells.  Mud and water were the predominant feature but the leader had suggested in advance that wellington boots might be a good idea, so no-one should have been surprised! 

The group went north-west towards an overflowing lake which necessitated a detour away from the footpath and on to Vobster Cross, where they were pleased to be on a tarmac lane for a while. By now it had stopped raining as the forecast had promised. 

They carried on westwards towards Highbury, then north to Kilmersdon, where there was a beautiful display of snowdrops, and they were able to have lunch in the comfort of seats in the village play area. They returned to Mells through some fine woodland and on past Babington House. 

One member of the group commented that he had not seen enough water or mud that day, but many others were pleased to be back at the cars and not having to walk through any more mud or puddles!

Report by Judy Hosegood.